what we do and why


What we do?

The Blooming Oak started as a desire to enhance the wedding experience and to record the best highlights of a wedding day without watching a 2 hour video. We wanted to cut the boredom and unrelated footage out of it and truly make it a fabulous day so it impregnates in our memories as a special occasion event that is unique and irreplaceable. We are not the usual guys with “microwave” cameras on our shoulders. We don’t hit record and let the camera roll for an unpredictable amount of time.

When a Blooming Oak operator is hitting record, he/she knows how this is part of a bigger story. We know how it relates to the other shots and to the whole piece as one. There is no randomness – everything is designed to create a unique film that portrays your event from different best angles and to show you things you were not aware of were happening :). The sound bites are all about the couple. The shots are all about the couple. It is all about the couple!

The Blooming Oak team looks to innovate and grow in style even further.