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Starting Package | Highlights Film

Highlights Film:  3,500 USD  | 15% off | NOW 2975$

[length: 4-6min | shortcut: HF]

The Highlights Film will feature all the most important events of your wedding day celebration. The final edit will be a fast and cinematic video hosted online for the couple to share with the option of download.

This little film will spark memories and will spice up any family parties for the years to come!

Basic Package | Wedding Day Film

Wedding Day Film:  4,500 USD | 15% off | NOW 3825$

[length: 7-12min | shortcut: WDF]

The Wedding Day Film is presenting your event in a personal manner. Before the actual event we like to get to know our couples in order to find a unique approach to the story. It will be something distinctive – your own!

We like to shoot our films in a stylized cinematic look. The Wedding Day Film will inherit the beauty of the Highlights Film and add your own storyline to it!

Full Experience | Featurette Film

Featurette Film:  6,500 USD |15% off | NOW 5525$

[length: up to 16min | shortcut: FF]

Featurette Film is the crown of our service. It is the Wedding Day film blended with your unique Love Story. This film will completely unveil the beauty of your relationship. Be ready to have additional days of shooting where we will take you on an amazing journey discovering the whole path on how you met each other, who are the complices and what your friends and family thing about this…

…this is not just about your wedding. It is about your relationship. It is about your favorite memories. It is about your friends and family. It is about your future together!

The Featurette is the best film to have for such an occasion and you deserve the best!

Film Wedding Invitation | Save-The-Date

Save-The-Date:  3,000 USD | 15% off | NOW 2550$

[length: 3-4min | shortcut: S-T-D]

Save-The-Date is a unique and fun way to let your friends know that you passed the threshold of your relationship into a new stage in your life. Invite your guests to celebrate the Big Day with you and your family!

When we say “fun way” – we mean it! Invite us to the limits of your imagination!

Love Story | Engagement Film | Trash-The-Dress | Proposal Film

Love Story: 5,000 USD | 15% off | NOW 4250$

[length: up to 8min | shortcut: LS]

This film can be shot before wedding or after many years as a celebration of your relationship. It can be shot for a wedding anticipation or it can stand on its own, as a cornerstone, as a witness of your deep admiration and love for each other. We like to interview both sides bringing both angles into light. Sometimes friends and family speak up giving us a picture of how beautiful your partnership is. We love hearing all the stories. Life is beautiful!

Engagement Film: 2,000 USD | 15% off | NOW 1700$

[length: up to 5min | shortcut: ES]

The Engagement Film is a cinematic film featuring you in a couple of really cool locations. It is a perfect opportunity to record the romance between you and your partner in a nice and laid back environment. This type of film can be combined with an engagement photo session.

Trash-The-Dress: 2,000 USD | 15% off | NOW 1700$

[length: up to 5min | shortcut: T-T-D]

This film is not for the weak hearted. We get to experience the most amazing and bold anniversaries by doing all kinds of cool stuff. From food fights to base jumping; from painting to swimming.  All the things you dreamed about can be accomplished wearing you wedding apparel. Let the elements dance!

Proposal Film: 2,000 USD | 15% off | NOW 1700$

[length: up to 5min | shortcut: PF]

This type of film was always on our wish list. I think there is beauty and trill in filming a marriage proposal. Imagine one that is secretly filmed; from the distance, capturing the genuine moments as they unfold. A man needs courage to invite a film crew when he is about to propose. We will charge only if she says “Yes”!

Step up men! If you are in the first three to book a Proposal Film we will apply a “courage”discount!

Custom Tailored Package

We would like to encourage couples to get in touch with us for any customization they may feel fits better their needs. We are all about telling stories. We want to tell your story and we want to have memories recorded that will remind you of the events of your life for the time to come.

All packages: FREE Trailer

All packages include a FREE Trailer that is released a week after the wedding day. This little nugget will provide excitement and raise expectation for the couple, family and friends.

Add on's

Travel Premium:  150 USD / Travel Day / Shooter

This usually means two travel days. An example would be 3 shooters, for two travel days would cost 900 dollars. We define traveling as anything far enough outside of the greater Seattle area, that we could not return home after shooting. This doesn’t include travel expenses. Let us know if you have any questions.

4K films:  2,500 USD / equipment / DIT

There are more and more couples that inquire about films in 4k. With 4k TV sets sold at an affordable price this higher resolution films will become soon the new standard. While we are not shooting all our weddings in 4k, we do offer this service for a price. The amount of digital media and the workflow involved in handling this type of high resolution films require us to charge an extra amount. We are considering to make 4k resolution our new standard in the next future.