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Our Team

Vitalie Ungureanu

Cinematographer / Director / Editor
Vitalie graduated from Academy of Art University and loves visual arts. His desire is to create films that inspire and move people to be better.

Born in Russia, he soon moved to Vienna to study graphic design. One led to another and soon he was buying his first digital camera. Since then, a continues growth led him to love film and to recognize it as the new medium of communication.

Chunlam Tsang

Chunlam Tsang

Photographer / Director
Chunlam appreciates the feeling she has in life, realizing that a moment may never happen again. Armed with a camera and allowing her feeling to guide her, she hunts for the perfect opportunity to capture the MOMENT in its most wonderful glory.

Chunlam is a film school graduate, securing her master degree in Directing Film.

Artur Erhan

Artur Erhan

Cinematographer / Director
Artur Erhan graduated from the Film and TV Directing Department of the Academy of Performing Arts of Moldova. Since 2007 has worked on both feature films and advertisements as an image director. Presently lives and works in Seattle, Washington. 

His cat name is Mika.

Sergiu Ungureanu

Cinematographer / Sound Design
Sergiu is a visionary artist who works in the fields of art photography and
computer graphics, and is also passionate about filmmaking and scoring. His finger tips are constantly tapping some kind of keyboard.

His goal is to always have fun and never stop learning.